Friday, March 5, 2010

Terrorists, Rednecks & Conspiracy Theories

Two weeks ago a New Yorker article outlined the debate between the Obama administration and pretty much everyone else in America, over where the trial of the self-proclaimed planner of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will take place.

Mohammed is waiting to see whether he'll be tried at a military tribunal at Guantanamo, or an American courtroom in New York's Foley Square. If you come up with your choice immediately, think harder.

This could be the trial of the century, and it's Attorney General Eric Holder's quest to show that the American legal system is strong enough to handle terrorism cases.

WTC smoke in mirrors? If you believe in most conspiracy theories, you're probably a pretty fucking paranoid individual. But if you're interested in one or two, it's only evidence of your own Western sanity.

Many, including a reported 30% of the American population, still aren't convinced that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated solely by Al Qaeda terrorists. The precise damage, justification for the Iraq oil-raid, and continually unanswered questions (after nearly a decade) contribute to this doubt.

Now if this theory interests you, the idea of having this trial in New York is suspicious. Having Mohammed convicted in front of the entire world will give us another turban-wearing Al Qaeda A-rab terrorist to point our fingers at; maybe, so we won’t point them at the American government. Sounds naive right? But you can never underestimate the naivety of the American population.

Right now, the redneck majority is battling another vicious enemy; health, while trying to hang on to their most precious commodity; guns. Let the ignorance die off, I guess.

The trial of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed will be a fantastic spectacle, but it’s not worth the risk of the Obama administration losing more support in the South. Them southerners aint worth the fuckin’ hassle, but, unfortunately, they still hold the key to Obama’s success.

Be afraid.

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