Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Julian Casablancas: Back to the Future

This is one of those albums that slips through your fingers when it's released, and then you realize five years later that it redefined the music of that decade.

Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) made something strangely original by combining a few different sounds that already existed. It seems like the music of this decade is taking that sort of direction. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a new form of creativity that builds on old forms.

What keeps his music unique is the vocals. Casablancas' lyrics and sound made Is This It one of the best albums of the previous decade. And while this one won't be making any top 10 lists (other than a few "top 10 albums you never heard" lists), it is a blueprint for a new kind of electric rock.

Yea, Phrazes for the Young was released in 2009, but it's a prophecy for 2010+. Fresh decade, fresh music.

Now this video is pretty fucking strange, and maybe the song is too at first, but give it a chance...listen to it again...and again...blogwin...blogwin.

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